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Is it Safe?

Our professional hunters are experienced, dedicated and honest and will make sure you have the hunt of a lifetime. Experience and attention to detail assure you that your safety is our primary concern. Accredited personnel and medically cleared tourists and guides give peace of mind.

Where will I be met?

You will be met at OR Tambo International Airport in the arrivals lounge by one of Golden Safaris professional staff. From the time you land in South Africa until the time that you depart you are in our care.

Are the camps comfortable enough to bring my family with?

All of the camps we use are very comfortable, luxurious, and all modern amenities are available. Observers are welcome to relax in the camp or to experience some of the highlights in each area where your safari is conducted.

If I do not wish to bring my own rifles, can you provide rifles and at what costs?

You are welcome to hunt with one of the rifles of your professional hunter. The costs involved can be discussed on request of a quote.

Is there malaria?

If you are travelling to the north-eastern part of South Africa, including the Lowveld near the Kruger National Park, or to any destination in Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique or Zambia, it is prudent to discuss anti-malaria prophylactics with your doctor. We do not recommend child observers younger than six years to travel to any malaria area.

Is there telephone and/or internet available?

On the South African concessions both are available but service is very undependable so the best option is to notify your wireless provider in your country that you are travelling to South Africa and they will activate your cell phone for South Africa. In Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Zambia communication are not always present. If there are telephones and/or internet in these remote location it is available for a fee. We do have a satellite phone available for emergencies.

How experienced are your professional hunters?

All of our PH’s have at least 30 years of hunting experience and are licensed for both plains game and Big Five hunting.

How will I pay for my safari?

We require a deposit which can be paid by credit card or bank transfer. The balance of the safari is payable upon completion of the safari. We accept cash or any major credit cards – Visa, Master, Amex and Diners Club.

Useful information

What is the best time of the year to hunt? What will the weather be like?

In South Africa there is no set hunting season, as hunting takes place from January through to December.

For the Bow hunters, we recommend hunting from middle June through to October. During this time the area is quite dry making blind hunting quite effective. When the African continent come to mind, many hunters may imagine a sun-drenched landscape, blistering red sands and sweltering heat. This is certainly the case if you are visiting in summer.

In addition to the heat, the rains render the bush lush and thick. Though it may be pleasing to the eye, these are less than ideal conditions to enjoy a hunting safari. The general consensus is, therefore, that the best time to hunt in South Africa and Africa is in the winter months from April to October. Generally speaking, South Africa winters mean mild days with frosty nights and mornings. The vegetation dries out, which makes it easier to track and navigate, and water sources decline, which forces wildlife to converge around what resources remain.

Information relevant to the dipping, shipping and mounting of trophies in South Africa

We do not have any financial interest either directly or indirectly related to taxidermy, either in South Africa or internationally. We are, however, tasked with the permits and documentation for the exportation of your trophies. Trophies can be shipped from Southern Africa either raw or mounted. In the case of a raw shipment, it will be sent to a taxidermist of your choice in your country of origin after being thoroughly treated by a South African taxidermist. The regulations and procedures for exporting varies depending on the species hunted.

What bow(s), arrows, and Board heads work best for Africa?

Because equipment changes so fast it is better to contact us directly for these answers. Due to the large number of bow hunters we see every year we have the opportunity to see most of the archery world’s equipment in use first hand and we know what does work and what doesn’t work so please speak to us before going out and spending hundreds of dollars on equipment that may end up costing you thousands of dollars on your hunt.

What calibre and/or bullets do you recommend?

Apart from the suggested calibres, it is our recommendation that a 30-06 or 300 Wim Mag and a .375 would cover all your need sufficiently. Do not think this to be a requirement – it is merely a suggestion. If you intent to hunt any one of the Big Five, it is required by law that a .375 is the minimum calibre with which you will be permitted to hunt.

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