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Planning Your First Safari?

Planning your first African Safari might seem like a daunting challenge, however it is a lot easier than most would like to believe. At this point you would contact Golden Safaris professional team. They will guide you through the process of selecting the right hunting package or they will tailor a custom package to suit your needs. You will then be required to confirm date of intended arrival in South Africa. The booking form available anytime and contains the full details of your quotation (i.e. the rates of the animals you have pre-included and the daily rates of the hunting lodge), details about specific inclusions and exclusions as well as information on taxidermy and the importation of your hunting rifles.

Upon your arrival at the airport in South Africa, you will be required to sign an indemnity form – an important and necessary formality as a hunting safari is a potentially dangerous venture. However, your professional hunter will go out of their way to ensure your safety and comfort at all times. If you have questions about the indemnity form and any policies before you travel, do not hesitate to reach out to us.

A deposit of 50 % is required upon booking hunting safari. The balance is payable departure 30 days before from your home. At the end of your safari and exciting memories before you leave your will be required to pay the additional services and animals you have taken from the standard price list. Gratuities to the camp staff, skinners and tracker should be discussed with your Outfitters. Gratuities to the Professional Hunters is left to sole discretion of the Client.

At the end of your safari, we will deliver all the trophies to the taxidermy, you have your animals mounted in South Africa.  Within a couple of weeks after your safari, you will received an invoice from the taxidermy. They will require a 50% deposit in order to start work on your trophies. Delays in paying your deposit will most definitely affect the date of export for the trophies. Please note that there is a 90 day quarantine period on the trophies when dipping and packing. Your trophies will be ready for export after the quarantine period.  Your animals mounted in South Africa, it may take between 8-12 months until completion.

Once your trophies have been completed at the taxidermy, they will require the outstanding balance to be paid before they release the trophies to the shipping company, the shipping company will then send you an invoice. You will need a Customs broker and import permitted in your country to clear your shipment upon arrival.  You are now ready to hang your trophies on the wall for your friends and family to admire. Your memories and experiences will be locked into these trophies and every time you look at them, your mind will travel back in time and take you back to Africa.

We do not have any financial interest either directly or indirectly related to taxidermy, we are, however, tasked with export permits and both websites contain pricelists which are relevant to the specific service.

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