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Mozambique is situated to the north east of South Africa and is bordered by the Indian Ocean, Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe, South Africa and Swazilang.

Hunting areas can be found over the entire country. The best hunting area are situated in remote areas to the north bordering Tanzania and the west bordering Zimbabwe.

We only use one reputeble outfitter in Mozambique who as an excellent concession with healthy populations of Elephant, Buffalo, Hippopotamus, Crocodile and abundant plains game endemic to the area. Plains game species found in Mozambique include Sable, Nyala, Cape Eland, Greater Kudu, Lichtenstein Hartebeest, Chobe Bushbuck, Southern Reedbuck, Common Duiker, Red Duiker, Oribi, Suni, Warthog and Bush pig.

Hunting in Mozambique is done in vast open unfenced territories. Hunting in Mozambique is for the hard core hunter dedicated to his sport. With most hunts requiring and average walking distance between 5 and 20km poer day in extremely hot and humid conditions, hi9gh fitness levels and essential for success.

The hunting season opens in April but we only book hunts from the start of June, as the area where our outfitter operates in very inaccessible in the months before June. The best months for hunting in Mozambique are August, September and October.

Mozambique is a country where magic infuses the views and landscapes, where the smiles of the local people can only be matched by the splendour of the ocean, mountains, forests and savannahs. This country is better known and more often visited for its wealth of marine wildlife than for the terrestrial creatures that roam its relatively underutilised game reserves. and some of the best places to see these treasures up close are in the safari game parks, reserves, sanctuaries and national parks.

The hunting areas of Mozambique are characterized by vast, open territories, for the most part unfenced. The average area is usually in the vicinity of 150 000 acres. Hunting in Mozambique begins in the 4×4 vehicle, which will depart from your well-appointed camp. Once in the bush, tracking on foot becomes the order of the day. Terrain in most of the hunting areas tends to be flat, and thus not necessarily physically demanding. Camps & lodges are generally permanent fixtures with comfortable bungalows and food is delicious with plenty to eat. The hunting season runs from June through November.Hunting areas in Mozambique are not fenced but are open territories.

True wild and free Africa!

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