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For decades visitors came to visit Namibia for the foremost sought-after Safari’s and Game Reserves in Africa. Everybody should have travel once in their lifetime to experience an unforgettable bush break. Observe the brilliant life and African landscape in a luxury Game Lodge or wildlife Reserve. It is worth to come and unwind your senses on African soil.

Namibia is a magnificently vast, rugged and seemingly empty land but it’s a wild and open freedom. There are areas where you will drive for over 250km (155miles) between service stations and camp in places having your nearest neighbour over 100km (62miles) away. You may see the brightest and the bluest of blue skies for several months of the year, and if visiting within the time of year, hopefully, a welcome afternoon waterspout. An African nation could be a country of exciting distinction.

Inland the elusive desert elephants of the Namib, the biggest in the world, build their daily trek of up to 60 kilometres in search for food and water. And amongst all of this ‘Africa’ you may realize a comparatively orderly, peaceful, democratic society.

Get ready to be pampered from head to toe at our Health Spas and sink into sparkling pools between heaven and bush for a cooling off sensation, while nature goes it course.

Namibia is one of those dreamlike places that will make you question whether something so visually orgasmic could actually exist. You will enjoy every moment and make memories that last. Watch a lion stalking its prey on an unending plain in Etosha. Fly down a huge Sand dune on a sandboard release all the stress. Spend a night in the majestic desert under a beautiful sky filled with stars you can’t differentiate between the constellations.

Whether you’re trying to find a picturesque vacation for the entire family, or a romantic breakaway, Namibia Game Lodges & Reserves can make sure that it’s lasting. Our directory boasts with a large style of expedition and Game Lodges, not even to say the life Reserves which can leave you in awe for the beauty of Namibia.

A selection of accommodation exist in Namibia. Each region incorporates a range of guest farms that are ideal for peaceful, relaxing holidays.

Namibia caters for a large spectrum of visitors; from luxury 5-star hotels to self-catering cottages, guest houses, accommodation at country lodges and estates, and B&B’s for the more budget conscious traveller.

Namibia is additionally well known for its guest farms and safari lodges. Situated throughout the vast landscape these provide solitude and the opportunity to enjoy the richness and naturalness Namibia has to offer.

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