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Here at Golden Safari, we employ some of the best Professional hunters in the industry. All of our staff have their necessary qualification and licences. You will at all times be in the save hands of highly trained professionals that will put your safety before their own.

Barry York

My life has been enriched by my long and intricate involvement in the conservation and management of Africa’s magnificent wild animals through hunting.

It is an honour for me not only to be able to share many exciting wildlife experience but to actively involve our special guests in amazing wildlife adventures.

The unique experience of hunting individual will animals, in order to save Africa’s wonderful wildlife heritage is a life changing event.

Richard York

Richard is very blessed to have a father who was one of the pioneering game ranchers and hunters in South Africa. Having grown up in around hunter’s campfire, he has developed a great passion for hunting and the African bush. With a bachelor’s degree in Tourism and Hospitality, he has a keen sense of the industry and a unique understanding regarding tailor made tourism activities.

As a qualified professional hunter with a strong knowledge of the African wilderness Richard enjoys educating and exposing people to nature and all its beauty.

Henri van Aswegen

After growing up in Botswana and Zimbabwe, Henri van Aswegen became a professional hunter and outfitter in 1987 and has hunted continuously since then.

In the early 90’s, together with Dr H Ebedes he changed requirements for the relocation of elephants from cables and railway line anchor pole fencing as a minimum requirement, to electric fencing as a minimum requirement. He was based in South Africa up to 1993 where most of his hunts took place but also included hunts to Botswana and Zimbabwe.

In 1994 he teamed up with C.J. McElroy, founder of SCI, to market and hunt Zambia. There mostly depleted areas were used and he was instrumental in building up game numbers. Within two years these areas had recovered so much that they were now in demand by other companies operating in Zambia.During this time he donated two consecutive 30 day Big Five hunts to SCI.

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