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Ranger Training

The Difference between a ranger and a guide.

People often have a misconception about the roles of a field guide, a game ranger and a park ranger, although they share the same knowledge, their functions in the industry are quite different.

A Safari/field/nature guide

Guides, including safari, field or nature guides, just as the name says, guide guests through nature.

The job of a guide is to explain the exceptional secrets that are hidden in the natural environment and they serve as a link between the guests and the nature.

A Ranger

A ranger does not deal with the guests, their focus is mainly the conservation management of the wilderness areas.

The responsibilities of a ranger are generally the veterinary aspects of the wildlife, population control and breeding capabilities, for example, as well as more hands-on issues such as fencing, fire control, road maintenance and invasion of alien plants.

Even though the roles of the guides are worlds apart, they have the same motivation: they have an absolutely deep love and understanding when it comes to the ecology of the natural environment.

By learning about the complexity of ecology and understanding animal behaviour and various functions and techniques involved in conservation, the student develops a well-rounded basis from which to branch into either of the guide or ranger functions.

Why do you need to do a ranger training course?

It is essential to have the right combination of skills and the right personality to be able to perform the tasks expected from a field ranger as the conditions can become very extreme.

You also need have a high level of fitness and strength as it is an extremely physical environment and it is of high importance to have the relevant security clearance as they will be involved in law enforcement and in some cases will be trained to carry firearms.

Being a game ranger, you need to have many practical skills and knowledge about the different aspect of nature including animals, plants and the earth

Among other things you will learn:

Animal behaviour

Working in the African Bush, it will be necessary to have knowledge about the different animals in your ecosystem.

In order to interact with the animals, you will need to learn more about animal behaviour, this is not vital, it will however keep you and your tour group safe if you are able to predict different animal’s behaviour.

Tracking and spoor identification

One of the many goals of game ranger training is to provide the trainee the ability to identify and track the different animals through the bush.

You will be shown how to use different such materials such as trails, tracks and droppings in order to identify the different animals living in the area.


Geology will give you the ability to read the earth.

Various histories are inscribed in the rocks and the ground, and South Africa has a lot of geological features which makes it unique.

This will give you the freedom to have a detailed insight of the environment and a better understanding of the plant and animal environments.


As a game ranger, it is of high importance to be able to read the heavenly bodies, this includes the stars comets and other planets.

This will help you to read the weather and predict weather changes, a very important skill when working in the bush.

It can also be very interesting and exciting to read the stars.

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